Peppermint oil mice repellent really work.

Mice and peppermint oil just don’t mix.  Are they allergic to it, is it their kryptonite, or is the odor of the oil is just too strong for the rodents and they turn tail and run?  Regardless, isn’t that just exactly what you had in mind, rather than having those nasty little varmints taking up residence in your house?  I just love it when a plan comes together.  
Who wants to deal with mouse traps anyways?  You risk setting them off on your fingers just getting them set up.  Then sometimes the sneaky little rodent freaks figure out a way to clean off the bait.  You’re stuck with cleaning up mouse poop constantly when they figure out the traps and avoid them.  Something I’d personally rather not deal with considering the mice in my neck of the woods carry Hantavirus, which can be life threatening to humans.  
Then there’s the whole ordeal of when you actually get the pleasant surprise of catching one of the varmints in the trap.  His vacant little beady eyes staring up at you with the body in an awkward death pose is always a Kodak moment.  Then it becomes your happy chore to dispose of the corpse, process and clean up the crime scene, re-bait and reset the trap again.  
Remember when dealing with the disposal and clean up to use rubber gloves.  Never handle the deceased varmints with your bare hands.  Spray dropping with diluted bleach solution before cleaning up.  
Opting for poison bait is no better.  The sneaky bandits will hoard the stuff finding all kinds of places in your house to stash it like in the walls, underneath appliances and furniture.  Once there they do eat it eventually and then die there or wander off looking for water.  Then you have to wonder about your pets or children finding the dead creatures or the poison.  It’s really not such a good thing if a pet eats a poisoned rodent.  
The better solution is to use peppermint oil for mice as a repellant keeping them out of your house in the first place.  The vermin are far better off living on their own being part of the food chain for the cats, coyotes, snakes, birds of prey and other woodland creatures as far as I’m concerned.  
An important step it to keep them from coming into your house in the first place.  Some people think they are attracted to food.  Yes, they can be.  But why do you find mouse droppings in the storage shed and garage where there is nothing edible at all?  Well, they’re looking for a nice warm cozy place to live, build a nest, have babies and be happy.  So it’s a good idea to keep the house cleaned up of food sources for the pests to get at.  Store you food appropriately in air tight containers, as well as cleaning up after preparing and eating meals.  
Same goes for trash.  Store your garbage cans as far away from the house as possible.    
Next, do some CSI work and find where those critters are getting into your house in the first place.  Did you know that a mouse can flatten their bodies down to practically a quarter inch and squeeze through a tiny opening?  You will need to seal up any possible entry ways.  
Look for gaps around pipes coming in thru walls and floors, as well as other holes and gaps around the building both inside and outside.  Putty is your buddy here.  Caulking, expandable insulating foam sealant such as Great Stuff, or if the gap it too big use steel wool.  The rodents won’t chew thru steel wool.  
Not only are you sealing off entry’s from mice, you will be sealing up air leaks as well helping to better weatherize your home.  Saving you money on your energy bills as well for an additional benefit.           
Now you’ll have a better idea of just where those nasty varmints are getting into you domain.  Place cotton balls with a couple of drops of peppermint oil on them in those spots.  Refresh the cotton balls with additional peppermint essential oil every couple of weeks or more often.  Alternatively you can use a spray bottle with a mixture of two teaspoons of peppermint oil to one cup of water and just spray around the entry areas.
You will notice a pleasant refreshingly cool, clean, heady fresh minty scent.  And you will learn how peppermint oil and mice just don’t mix first hand.  

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